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Online Learning Services

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Home schooling

Parent Taught Program

Ready to Teach Your Teen How to Drive?

  • Complete the 32 hours of classroom instruction online and complete the 44 hours of driving with a parent, or a licensed adult 25 years or older. 

  • Please Note: If you wish for Champion Driving Logistics to assist with driving instruction, please call us before purchasing online program. 

Adult 6-Hour Course

Texas Adult First Time Driver

(Ages 18 - 25 years old)

  • Texas residents between the ages of 18-24 have to take a drivers education course in order to obtain a TX driver's license. 

  • Take your final road test at the Department of Public Safety, or Patriot Driving Academy after passing the course and obtaining a leaner's license. 

Online Class
Police Car Lights

Defensive Driving Course

Ticket Dismissal Defensive Driving

  • Complete the Ticket Dismissal course (Court- Ordered Driver Safety Course) online.​

  • The 6 hour course is approved by the state of Texas. 

  • Get your ticket dismissed today!

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